The case of the Genetic Mineralisation Model wearing the Emperor's New Clothes
2020-07-30 09:41 A great post by Melanie Hickman in LinkedIn. She brings the point of how often an ore deposit model becomes a straight jacket and people stop thinking and ignoring field data.
Ancient river animation
2020-07-10 09:32 An amazing animation of the evolution of a river channel.   Original post (and work!) by Lina Jakaitė,
The shop is half-closed...
2020-06-31 09:04 It has been a long year. 2019 was maybe too busy with all the travelling, but overall quite rewarding with the many projects and conferences I got to attend to.   Highlights? GAC-MAC 2019 in Quebec City, where we had a special session to honour Bill's career (April). Then it was the course I taught at the UCN in Antofagasta for their MSc in Economic Geology (May). August was field work in Bathurst. Two weeks were I could stretch my legs and get eaten alive by the bugs. October was SAGA in Durban, always fun to attend and interact with so many colleagues. And December was Freiberg (see below).   From March on it was COVID time...not fun, but overall I was able to get lots done and focus on my health.   Now? Camping time...canoe, backcountry, bugs. Here we come again.
DYNOmine podcast
2020-04-30 09:20 I usually prefer reading to podcasts, but these two episodes posted by Nicole Doucette were quite an eye opener.   Original linkedin post:   DYNOmine: