His name is Bill. He *might* be afraid of bats.

Paleomagician. Remote sensor. Geophysicist. Borehole logger. Geophysicist. Geoscientist. Superb Excel user. A walking library. This is just to name a few of Bill's characteristics.


"It was a dark and stormy night"...


That's Bill telling when he came to Canada in 1973 to work with C.M. Carmichael as a postdoc at then University of Western Ontario. He followed that with a postdoc at Earth Physics Branch, Energy, Mines and Resources Canada, Ottawa, Ontario (1975 - 1977). He established Morris Magnetics Inc. in 1977.


Since then, he has worked all over Canada and in many places in the world conducting paleomagnetic, rock properties, borehole logging and integrated geology & geophysics projects.


Oh yes. He was also a Full Professor at McMaster University (1990-2015), where he had the amazing record of getting every student scooped up by industry.


Since "retirement" Bill has been having fun finishing old projects (Stratmat borehole magnetics?) and moving forward with a few of the "black hole" type ones (hello Sudbury! nice to see you Bathurst!) where one starts working and the fun never ends.

Bill is now an Adjunct at Brock University too. An we are enjoying "playing" with our most favourite topics: the "R" word (remanent magnetization), tensor magnetics, rock properties, to name a few.

Bill's wee summary